“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do;
We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

— Steve Jobs

We are hiring for the following position for our up coming projects, range from VFX to feature animation. There are various opening positions at Kuala Lumpur Studio. Please send us your demo reel and portfolio to [email protected]

  • Create flexible and efficient rigs
  • Set-up characters and props with skeletons and deformers.
  • Create interfaces and tools for assisting animation.
  • Troubleshoot rigging isues
  • Experience in using Maya
  • Animate characters using pre-set models
  • Create layout and pre-visualisation for animation based on storyboard
  • Ability to self-act for animation references
  • Troubleshoot animation technical problems
  • Experience in using Maya
CG Lighter
  • Implement lighting of characters and environments for shots
  • Able to determine best approach to solve lighting and compositing challenges and develop final looks
  • Ensure consistency in lighting, color balance and mood between the various elements of a shot or scene
  • Add lighting that creates atmosphere, and depth to a scene
Unreal Engine Artist
  • Design levels in Unreal Engine
  • Implement lighting, creates atmosphere and depth
  • Experience with modern lighting and shading techniques (PBR workflow)
  • ­Experience with world building and lighting
  • Model character and environment based on concepts
  • Create textures
  • Unwrap UVs
  • Create both high resolution 3D sculpts and final low polygon assets
  • Combine CGI and Matte Paintings with live action
  • Blue/green screen extractions
  • Background prepping
  • Color correct footages to ensure continuity
  • Camera track and matchmove footages
  • Experience in using AE and Nuke
Technical Director
  • Audit, curate and improve art tools
  • Work closely with artists and other technical artists to both find day-to-day improvements and achieve long term goals
  • Bridge gap between internal and external technologies
Art Director
  • Reviewing and approving all creative work
  • Develop the overall look and style
  • Solve complex visual problems
  • Determine how best to represent a concept visually
Shader Artist
  • Maintain quality and continuity while developing shaders that support the art direction
  • Get involved in te creation of the project concepts and style
Concept Artist
  • Create visual images of ideas
  • Express story and character through drawings
  • Brainstorm ideas, develop early and final conceptualisation of films.
  • Develop character concepts
Production Assistant
  • Support the production supervisor and coordinators
  • Manage calendars and scheduling meetings
  • Prepping for meetings ( agendas, etc. )
  • Manage day-to-day operation of the departments
  • Monitor daily movements of shots in the department
  • Identify problem areas that may affect the teams progress and team up with coordinators and directors to come up with the solution.